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Ways to Contribute

At each meeting, there will be time for announcements. During this time, the leader will make space to honor our 7th Tradition and allow members to contribute as they feel called. Newcomers, please be our guest!

In addition, meetings are asked to contribute to the support of the service groups that help spread the message of ACA recovery. These groups include this intergroup and the World Service Organization.

7th Tradition Contributions

Of the ACA Twelve Traditions, the 7th Tradition states, "Every ACA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions." Self-supporting means that we, the members of ACA, contribute to our own support, and we rely on no other person, agency, or outside influence for financial assistance. We support ourselves, fellow travelers, and all of ACA by providing the means to pay for any meeting space rent, refreshments, literature, Intergroup and the ACA World Service Organization (WSO) contributions, and any other miscellaneous expenses the group may incur. We refuse outside contributions, so that we will be free of any outside pressures, influences, or control that could be exerted over the group. As such, we are independent of non-ACA contributions.

This is one of the principles of the ACA program. We don't have a lot of money, but membership donations show up when there is a need. Group members respond and believe in what their group is doing for ACA and its members. In ACA, we don't hoard excessive amounts of money. But we do need cash to pay the rent, order literature, and fund helplines and ACA events. Our members give donations because they know they are helping themselves by giving the right way. Before ACA, many of us gave our bodies, minds, or souls for the wrong reasons. In ACA, we learn to give for the right reason, and we learn the right amount to give. We give our fair share and let others give their fair share, so we all take ownership in ACA.

The tradition also reminds us of the spiritual principle of giving, and of giving with a willingness to help another. Some members give their talents in the service structure. We all try to support our group and the service structure as best as we can.


- Excerpts from The Big Red Book, page 522, "Tradition Seven"

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Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families

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