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"Do we have any Newcomers today?"

Throughout our recovery journey, we meet with fellow travelers to share the experiences we had as children growing up in an alcoholic or dysfunctional home: the way it infected us then and the ways it affects us today. These are meetings of feelings and experiences. We encourage you to express your feelings as you go through the recovery process. Sometimes we find these meetings disturbing as we get in touch with emotions we have denied ourselves until now. We may feel fear, anger, unexpressed love or any other human emotion. Sometimes we cry, even tears from unknown sources are fully accepted here. Sometimes we laugh when we hear stories that parallel our own lives, knowing at last that we are not alone. 

What you hear at the meetings, leave at the meetings. It is not for gossip or public disclosure. Please protect the privacy of those who share here today. We identify with The Problem and learn to live in The Solution one day at a time. 

Once you have made it to a meeting, you do not have to feel as if you are the only one who has had the experiences, feelings, pain, depression, fear, and other problems that we all share.

Keep coming back. This program is not easy, but if you can handle what comes up at six meetings in a row, you will start to come out of denial. This will give freedom from the past. Both you and your life will change.

Many of us could not recognize or accept that some of our current attitudes or behaviors resulted from some experience related to alcoholism or dysfunction in our childhood. We behave as adult children, often without realization, having not yet solved the mystery of our own self.

By attending six meetings in a row at the beginning, and attending regularly thereafter, we come to know our real selves, and learn to behave responsibly. We do this by identifying with our common characteristics and The Solution. We choose to become our own loving parent. We come out of denial and share the pain of childhood memories. We experience love and acceptance from members of our ACA group. We grow to awareness that feelings of our past and present form a pattern. We learn that the pattern can change. So please keep coming back. Listen, learn, and - most of all - share your feelings.

By practicing the Twelve Steps, by focusing on The Solution, and by accepting the Higher Power of our understanding, we find freedom from the effects of alcoholism and family dysfunction. 

Are you ready for a change?
Check out the schedule of meetings offered throughout Central Indiana and join us.


Keep coming back; it works if you work it!
And we work it because we're worth it! 

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Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families

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